For Patients

New Patients

As a new patient, you can expect to be warmly welcomed into our mental health therapy practice, where our team will guide you through a supportive and personalized treatment journey.

Getting Started

At Piedmont Partners for Mental Health, you can expect compassionate care, in a supportive environment, tailored to your individual needs.

If you’re interested in becoming a new patient, please reach out to our office at 336-265-1762 to begin the registration process in our electronic medical records system. Once your account is set up, we’ll assist you in scheduling an initial evaluation appointment with a provider of your choice.

For new patients who have completed the registration process, we encourage you to fill out the forms in the Patient Portal. This will help expedite your check-in process and ensure we have all the necessary information to provide you with the best care possible.

Children and Teen New Patients

If the patient is a minor, we kindly ask that you complete our CONSENT TO TREAT A MINOR form in the Patient Portal. This form must be filled out, signed, and witnessed before the patient’s first appointment to prevent any delay in treatment or rescheduling. Ensuring this form is completed allows us to provide the necessary care for your child promptly.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If there are any court, custody, guardianship, or healthcare proxy forms pertinent to the patient’s care, we kindly request that you bring them to the first appointment. Failure to provide these forms may result in a delay in treatment or the inability to see the patient. Your cooperation in this matter ensures that we can provide the best possible care for the patient. Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

Our Community is Your Community

Join our vibrant mental health community and become a part of a supportive network dedicated to wellness and healing. Whether you’re seeking guidance, sharing experiences, or simply connecting with others who understand, our community offers a safe and welcoming space for individuals on their mental health journey.

Together, we can break down stigma, promote understanding, and support each other in achieving greater mental well-being. Join us today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier tomorrow.